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Shipping for Sales Including E-bay for North America

For Antennas shipped to the US all except the B-246 can be sent by Parcel Post , B-246 is sent by UPS Expedited.

Shipping for E-bay Sales Outside of North America

For Most Antennas Outside of North America ,Parcel post does not qualify so UPS Expedited is the cheapest .

e-bay Canada is not setup for UPS so best to use Contact USpage to get shipping cost,

but I can invoice antennas with PayPal till such time as UPS shipping is available on e-bay Canada

Yes it Bypassing e-bay but there is no other choice since there is no shipping option

and as such no sales worldwide by e-bay Canada as box and weight do not qualify for Parcel Post.

Shipping By the Following Available

Canada Post is the least costly when products qualify.

United Parcel Service

Delivery Information

Antennas Antennas that are for sale online on E-Bay are built and ready to ship not everything is sold on E-Bay .Too keep inventory cost down antennas not on E-Bay are assembled from finished parts this is much more cost efficient. Antennas being assembled usually ship within two business days and Tracking numbers are provided if possible.


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